Our organization works with both current sponsors and invite new sponsors with great benefits and rewards. We have given significant thought into defining our sponsorship levels and what we include in each level. It is our aim to benefit you on a significant return on your investment.

Our Silver level sponsors receive among other rewards, a banner with their logo and name in recognition at all our events and also recognition paid to them from our podiums. Our Gold level sponsors in addition to podium recognition and banners gets advertisements in our newsletters and pamphlets as well as lending their name to our snack and refreshment areas.

Benefits such as these provide significant exposure and additional branding opportunities to small, medium, and large enterprises. Other logo placement options such as on our homepage, signup page, report and online white papers, community emails, Facebook page as well as full description as to what the sponsor’s doe aside from logos and linking to corporation sponsorship website opportunities are also included.

Furthermore do we offer our sponsors employee benefits for their employee and this vary according to sponsorship level. Social media promotion specifically designed to recognize our sponsors for example four time on Twitter, twice of Facebook and once in blog posting.

We also allow sponsor guest posting on our blog on cause related missions that coincide with our business. Images and video is something all of our sponsors find a compelling method and we create live event pictures and videos with our event pictures taken in front of a logo or banner of one of our sponsors.

Furthermore do we allow opt-ins for additional information on our sponsors. When our participants register for one of our events we offer them the opportunity to sign up with sponsors such as casinomilyon. The same applies to email opt-ins that could connects our members and clients to sign up with our sponsor’s email list or blog posting.